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Certain if an audio- (or CD-) tweak is cheap, doesn’t destroy anything and is easy to do: ‘Why not?’

Everyone has had small or large scratches on his CD. If you’re a bit busy with audio , there is always the question of whether you can hear or not. My answer is that I personally also improvements in audio I cannot directly hear, should also consider important. Because when I have 10 such small improvements, I hear it though. And certain if a tweak is cheap, doesn’t destroy anything and is easy to do: ‘Why not?’

Especially if it can be that the tweak ( = improvement (audio-) equipment ) has a positive impact , there theoretically proven and easy to do is tweak I strain my ears . The following tweak has the two conditions mentioned above.

Small scratches can according to audio friend B. R. be using Valma easily remedied
cockpit spray type gloss and viscose cloth. I have a tested this idea. Everything here is at your own risk.


Picture 01 – CD quite scratched , before polishing


Picture 02 – CD after polishing with Cif ( old name: Jif )

I wanted to test whether it worked. After all, who tells me that if the CD is visually as good as new, the error correction of the CD player actually does less, and improves the signal from the CD player? It could be that the laser breaks on the small layer Valma cockpit spray, or that the beam is deflected.

Initially I wanted to lightly scratch a CD, and then I would again transform the CD playing like new, with only cockpit spray….. I had a new scourer packed and damaged a CD. Yes , and if I do something ….. After some diligent work and sanding operation: after spraying with cockpit spray the CD did not work on my Teac VRDS-10. Right, now what?

Polish commander (used to polish bad car paint ) was pulled from the sink , but offered no solution. Firm sanding  with my fists was just too much: the scratches were too deep . So even after treatment with Commandant polish and cockpit spray the CD player would not recognize the CD.

So I caught the coarser ‘Cif  cream’ from the manufacturer Unilever. Polished the CD with Cif a few times with great force, and after most scratches were blurred with less force . First I tried the CD-player :


Picture 3: CD-player doesn’t recognize the CD before rubbing with cockpit spray and viscose fabric.


Picture 4: CD-played does recognize the CD after the CD is pollinated with cockpit spray. Now he plays it . To be sure of my case I have the cockpit spray coating removed with alcohol . Result : The CD is refused again after the treatment with alcohol(!).

CD-player doesn’t recognize the CD. Now the trick. I pollinated the CD with cockpit spray. You can create a cloud where you move through with the CD. This prevents attaching an irregular spray pattern on the CD . You do not need so much to squirt on the CD. Rub the cockpit spray well with the viscose fabric, creating a smooth and dry surface. I suggest that it’s best to spray the cockpits pray in a bathroom or out of home, were the cockpit spray cannot land on furniture etcetera.


Picture 5: CD trough cloud of cockpit spray

I believe to have proved that removing of small scratches on a CD, (Valma) gloss cockpit spray can have a positive effect on the sound quality. After all, the above test shows that by using cockpit spray the player can read pieces on the CD. (And that the CD-player doesn’t recognize the CD, can ‘t read pieces on the CD,  if the cockpit spray is not used). This also means that the error correction of the CD-player doesn’t need to be used as much as before treatment, which reflects an improvement in the sound .

But actually this is not the reason why cockpit spray an improvement. Also on brand new CDs gives according to R. B. an improvement. If indeed the CD with a microscope would be looked at, the CD would appear as an orange peel. The cockpit spray creates according to B. for better readability of the CD.


Picture 6: CD with scratches


Picture 7 : CD polished wit Cif and Commandant


Picture 8: CD with cockpit spray

There seem to be wipes on the market (€ 50, -) on a similar basis with a similar effect.
During a listening session was the cloth tested and proved also by the listeners to be . clear improvement.

Treatment with Valma gloss cockpit spray is most times only one time for a very good result. The product with comparative result has to be used every time before you play the CD.

It has been suggested Pledge Multi Surface Clean and Dust to try, because it is the CD also antistatic and therefore attracts less dirt. I have not tried it yet .

Picture 9: The stuff you need:


Success !

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